Please assist us in plotting the way ahead by completing the short survey below in order to gauge the expectations of the Masters Squash community in Namibia while we plan for next year. Please also provide your name and optionally your email address at the bottom. The input from registered members of the masters community will carry more weight than the rest to ensure we enable a fun environment for Masters Squash. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions in the comments box at the bottom of the survey.

Masters Future Survey

At present we start with Masters Squash at age 40 in Namibia. Should we change this to start at 35 as internationally done, or do we stick to starting at 40?

Should we play on relative strength, regardless of age, or change to participating in age groups?

When playing in age groups, should we play in 5 year age groups like done internationally (35-39, 40-44, etc) or in 10 year groups (35-44, 45-54, etc) which may be more practical in terms of local numbers?

Should we play Men and Ladies separate, Mixed Only, or Separate with the Ladies allowed to enter in the Mens section?

Should we enter a team from Namibia into the SA Masters as from 2020?

What types of organised events would you like to be able to participate in at Masters Level? Please mark all that apply.

Any Suggestions, Comments or things we should think about?

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