Survey Results

Question 1 – At present we start with Masters Squash at age 40 in Namibia. Should we change this to start at 35 as internationally done, or do we stick to starting at 40?

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Question 2 – Should we play on relative strength, regardless of age, or change to participating in age groups?

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Question 3 – When playing in age groups, should we play in 5 year age groups like done internationally (35-39, 40-44, etc) or in 10 year groups (35-44, 45-54, etc) which may be more practical in terms of local numbers?

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Question 4 – Should we play Men and Ladies separate, Mixed Only, or Separate with the Ladies allowed to enter in the Mens section?

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Question 5 – Should we enter a team from Namibia into the SA Masters as from 2020?

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Question 6 – What types of organised events would you like to be able to participate in at Masters Level? Please mark all that apply.

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Suggestions Received:

  • Ladies start at 35, Men at 40
  • Masters Doubles

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